History of Anatomy

The history of human anatomy is divided into two parts. One is the prenatal anatomy, the other is the postnatal anatomy. Here we will discuss the Anatomy of BC.

Anatomy of BC

At the beginning of human civilization, people noticed that if an animal was burned, it would not be the same as before. The animal’s body changes and the animal dies.

The first book on anatomy was written in China between 2600 and 2600 BC called Neiching. Later, from 1700 to 1800, many intelligent people lived in Egypt. They could design, build pyramids. They had a lot of knowledge about the human body. They made the first mummy in the world, the essence of which is still a mystery. They processed human dead bodies in such a way that for thousands of years no bacteria nested in the body, nor did the body decompose. These are called mummies. The existence of the chemicals used by them is still not known.

The practice of Ayurvedic medicine began in India in the year 1000 BC. Sushruta is called the Father of Indian Surgery. He was the first to perform internal surgery on the human body.

Between 960 and 37 BC, a Roman man named Hippocrates appeared, who is said to be the father of anatomy. He is known as the Father of Medicine. That’s when he came up with the rules for dissecting the human body. He also did research on surgery (or scapel). He dissected various corpses.

The famous philosopher Aristotle came from 364 to 322 BC. He was the first to use the term Anatomy. He also spoke first about embryology. He named the various veins and arteries of our body. But he thought that our heart is the center of all our intelligence, thoughts, emotions. Ever since then, everyone in the world has come to believe that our heart is the main source of everything we think and feel. But Aristotle’s idea was wrong.

Between 300 and 325 BC, another man named Herophilus came. He is called The Father of Anatomy. He talks about the parts of our spine and brain. You are the first to call our brain intelligence, emotion is the main source of these.

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